The drivers of success

Three reasons to choose RSEngineering for your powertrain projects

The proven techniques of an OEM-experienced senior management team. Strong project leadership and technical expertise focused on the development of new technologies such as advanced internal combustion engines, electrified powertrain, and energy management projects.
Meet the people with the power to drive your projects.

Joerg Ross

“My PHD in 1993 at RWTH Aachen University, followed by a stint as a project engineer at FEV, provided me with a whole world of experiences and a deep insight into the latest powertrain technologies, developments, and methodologies. From the high-volume production engine at Ford to responsibility for the race engine at Ferrari, from leading advanced powertrain and electrification at IAV and Maserati to heading up powertrains at Aston Martin, I am extremely fortunate to have enjoyed both a fantastic set of experiences and to have developed the engineering skills required to drive progress.”

Joerg Ross

FEV (Project Engineer, PhD)

Ford (Supervisor Small Engines)

Ferrari (Base Engine)

Audi (Special Project)

IAV (Advanced Powertrain)

Maserati (Advanced Powertrain)

Aston Martin (Chief Powertrain)

Giorgio Mancini

“My experience of control system design, mainly focused on powertrain systems and test rigs, has been gained over years working in research and industry roles. I’ve been involved in projects covering a wide spectrum of technical topics, stakeholders, and multicultural teams of different sizes and backgrounds. My career includes numerous advanced engineering projects involving the extensive use of Mathworks software as well as National Instruments toolchain for control algorithm development. I hold a PhD in Mechanical Engineering (University of Bologna and ETH Zurich), and a Master's degree in Technology and Innovation Management (Bologna Business School)."

Giorgio Mancini

University of Bologna (Postdoctoral Researcher)

Alma Automotive (Engine Control Systems and Business Development)

Bosch Engineering (Engine Control Systems)

Jaguar Land Rover (Powertrain Research Calibration and Controls Lead)

Aston Martin (Powertrain Controls Manager)

Eldor Corporation (Program Manager Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Division)

Simone Malaguti

“After completing my PhD in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, I focused on CFD for internal combustion engines as a Researcher / Assistant Professor. I then applied my experience in research and modelling to the industrial world. As an Innovation Specialist on an Alfa Romeo project for Maserati Spa, I contributed to the development of new, high-power density V6 and 4-cylinder engines. I then joined Aston Martin to lead the Advanced Powertrain Team, focusing on new technologies for internal combustion engines, hybrid applications, and electrification projects.”

Simone Malaguti

University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Assistant Professor)

Maserati (Innovation Specialist)

Aston Martin (Head of Powertrain Simulations)

Combining scientific method with engineering instinct

We follow a clearly defined process that delivers validated results at every milestone on the route to the finish line.


The power behind the performance

What makes RSEngineering a trusted partner for the design and development of Powertrain projects?

  • Powertrain Project Management
  • Advanced engineering and design
  • Simulations
  • Control software solutions


iconTechnical consulting

iconProject leadership

A good start is half the battle

Skilled project management is essential for optimal results.
We are experienced at handling every aspect of a project.

  • Budget
    • Resources
    • External engineering partners
    • Suppliers
  • Design virtual validation plan
  • Test plan
  • Lead design activities
  • Drive mechanical and performance development
  • Lead co-design activities of component suppliers
  • Full engine and powertrain integration


iconInnovative engine concepts

iconElectrified powertrain system design

iconEnergy management solutions

iconPowertrain architecture definition

From blank page to concept to production

  • Creation of efficient performance-orientated concepts
  • Focus on emissions and sustainability
  • Test plan
  • Lead design activities
  • Drive mechanical and performance development
  • Lead co-design activities of component suppliers
  • Full engine and powertrain integration


iconPowertrain and longitudinal vehicle simulation

iconCFD 3D combustion and flow

icon1D engine performance

iconDriveline and dynamic simulations

iconEnergy management simulations

Our approach to Simulations

We use advanced simulation techniques to bring our powertrain concepts alive. For us, simulation isn’t just a box to tick but a key driver of design. Our upfront simulations – developed and validated in OEM environments – lead to significant reductions in the time spent on design looping, testing and development
Simulation models underpin the entire process from designing concepts to solving problems during development and early production, as well as providing the foundation for our control and software solutions.


iconPowertrain SW design

iconAdvanced Hybrid Strategy

iconRapid Control Prototyping

iconOptimal Control Solutions

iconHardware-In-the-Loop solutions

Staying in complete control

We also develop control algorithms and model-based software, from rapid prototyping to series development, to optimize the energy management of electrified powertrains – notably for complex and high-performance hybrid vehicles, but also for other systems too.

A range of different control techniques cover both offline - for the optimal solution, and online - for real-time implementation on the target ECU (Electronic Control Unit).
Our SW validation process goes through the traditional steps of Model-in-the-loop, Software-in-the-loop and finally Hardware-in-the-loop, based on the specific projects needs.
We can also take care of the selection, configuration, and management of the HiL system, acting as your one-stop shop for SW development and validation.

Make things happen

Our strengths

How the RSEngineering Team gives your powertrain project a head start.


Our expertise covers everything from automotive and racing powertrains to high-performance engines and e-fuel technology.


The skilled hands and creative minds of our leadership ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish.


Our proven expertise reaches across an extensive range of key complementary elements such as mechanical design, simulations, and control SW development.


Our engineering instincts are tested, verified, and validated by real-time data to keep every project on track.


Whatever problem you face or objective you set, we may well have been there and done that. And if not, great. We love a new challenge!


Agility is our essence. As a group of experienced decision-makers, you can count on us to help you achieve your goals precisely, reliably, and on time. Every time.

Powertrain and beyond

We are powertrain experts providing everything from traditional to highly innovative solutions

Meet your trusted partner in the design and development of advanced and electrified powertrains.

Our track record is fuelled by innovation and expertise

We're not the only experienced design and development powertrain engineering company out there.

But we think we can join you on a different kind of journey with you in the driving seat

We have already made a positive difference for world-class partners. In addition to being experts in end-to-end powertrain design and development, we also offer a range of specialized services such as powertrain simulation and control strategy development, advanced Hybrid SW development, and real-time HIL solutions.

We have what it takes to win. Are you ready to take your performance to the next level?